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Best of 2021 by PC Guru – Drag

It’s not out of the question that the biggest favorite of the year will come, but it wasn’t hard to top the list either.

Before I even begin with a sentence, I owe you a five-word confession that reads: Metroid dreadAnd take two. Well, those are the two games that I won’t talk about now – not because I didn’t like them, but because they are on the shelf unopened, waiting for me to finally start them as Christmas approaches. Obviously, there are always missing titles for everyone, I’ve only mentioned them privately because I’m pretty sure that if this summary was written a few weeks later, they would surely be on my personal list as well. The good news is that it wasn’t hard to recharge anyway, 2020 wasn’t a bad thing on the ergo front – so let’s get to the masterpieces that made my deepest impression this year.

5. Narita Boy

I rarely put the view before the content, but the following must be admitted: Narita Boy He managed to get the ball out of that very garden, with an audiovisual embellishment like that we seldom see and hear. Made of sparkling, vibrant creatives with great animation, I simply couldn’t get enough of the kingdom’s new “CRT-embedded” retro visuals, so I swam into the game with a bit of an exaggeration, which just isn’t enough. Mechanically anything special can be said, almost average, but it was also fun on a level playing field. If there were more discoveries, and a little extra depth put into the combat system, it couldn’t be ruled out that it would even fit into the all-time favorite.

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4. Heart of the Ocean

while crying because of PokemonGames were actually the same for 25 years, and even then, here are the indie things I love just because they evoke that era. Does anyone understand this? It’s clear to me a nostalgic journey heart of the Ocean It’s what it was like when the classic movie was shot ZeldaGames and JRPGs from the 16-bit era, then knead it well into a light dumpling that can be rolled smoothly as a dessert. An individual creation made of heart and soul, which on the one hand contains everything that makes it possible to rethink these works, which are very ancient in today’s eyes, but at the same time cut so that the experience is streamlined and dynamic. The sense of adventure must remain. It’s a difficult balance to achieve, but Max Mraz worked, and for that he deserves all the praise.

3. Records of the Great Ace Lawyer

It’s been in me for so long that it would be good to restart Phoenix Wrighttriple, so the Great Ace Lawyer Records The look, as this not only allowed me to quench my appetite for Capcom’s attorney’s fees, but it also got me completely new flavors. Well, it’s just a slightly different seasoning, as the basics haven’t changed much, just the garnish is different. However, it was a success: this era is weak anyway, and Master Takumi himself lived as usual, inspired by British culture, featuring dozens of cartoons and funny situations. The characters are adorably lovable (or just obnoxious), the twists are fun, the stuff is exciting, and the playtime is brutal. What should be one (more precisely two) ace lawyerfrom the game?

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2. Resident Evil Village

a few years ago a Resident Evil 7 It not only showed that the classic survival horror game still works great to this day, but also that Capcom’s streak of success in the Skyworld needs little more than the current cast. Freedom has resulted in a thrilling and bone-painful episode, and this kind of victim is now Resident Evil Village More than that – we can say that Resident Evil 4-After all, it wouldn’t be right because it’s beyond a number of points. Bottom line: I’ve had such a strong setting for a long time, and best of all village In the meantime, don’t forget to serve as a video game. For the final third, the experience breaks down a bit, but we can still be grateful to the publisher for giving the green light to this project, which isn’t a safety game at all.

1. Ratchet & Clank: Rift apart

I would be lying if I said that I have had no sense of inferiority in the last few generational changes, but that it is somewhere natural, for the measure of technical progress – at least in terms of proportions – is nowhere near, say, at the turn of the millennium. However, in the case of the PS5, again something bothers me: the extra cocoa is clearly not negligible either, but the DualSense and SSD pair really work as a real fix for me. Of course, you also need dedicated (and creative enough) games that really take advantage of its potential, the genius Astro game room And yet Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart It was the first true poisoning of the next generation AAA that admired the magic of the novelty. The raw gameplay experience is no different: in terms of the scale of the adventure, I missed a bit memorial to the original trilogy, but in terms of combat, platforming and ideas, rift regardless Among the best pieces of the series – Insomniac still really feels how to flip this switch.

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This part of the year the backlog tends to float before my spiritual eyes, but apart from the two titles mentioned in the introduction, 2022 moves my imagination far more than that. Don’t get me wrong: 2021 was far from forgotten. However, I can already see it in late February, early March Elden Ring, Gran Turismo 7 The pair will open as a true single on my calendar, sucking up all the minutes of my nonexistent free time – then where’s the rest of the year. That’s why in a month or two ahead of me, I’ll be making up for as many lost experiences as possible, because we’re barely coding and the video player’s squirrel wheel is spinning again.

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