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Betty Bocas’ dad wants me to make his son and grandfather Dalos Poggy

The famous actor today is often mentioned as the father of Peti Puskás. He is also proud of owning such a well-known plant, although the other son, he says, did not succeed in any way. Although Tivadar (also) is famous for something else, according to statistics, it has appeared in most shows in recent decades, amounting to almost ten thousand.

I didn’t keep the statistics myself, I didn’t count the number of times I’ve been on stage – admitted Tivadar Puskás, who is simply called in the profession Pusi. “Now that I remember it, I spent a year doing more performances than days of the year. But I did not consider the match a burden at all, although I am convinced that it can only be played in all earnestness.

It is rumored that the public in Nyregyhaza did not even want to give up when they learned that Tivadar no longer wanted to be on a daily basis. But when Pusi decides on something, he usually tricks him through fire and water, so no matter how much his heart aches, he washed off the make-up and retired. At least then he thought that peaceful civilian life might end.

Photo: Zsolt Zih/MTI

He also came, although I will never forget the performance when I bid farewell to the audience at Nyregyhaza. Then I thought it was the last. Well, I can tell that there have been several performances since then, which I am very happy to think of, as little dads are given to standing on stage with their son and playing comedy. The miracle has been given, with Peter I an inscription in The Children of the Sunbeam Enthusiastically continued.

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She said that she loves the theater, her heart beats every time she enters the theater building, especially when she goes to work.

“I’ve never had nor had any trouble learning the scripts, but I must confess, in the sunshine boys, I had to tie those special undergarments, because I’m on stage almost nonstop while I must say eighty-six pages of hard text, Preferably without a package.Fortunately,if the raw material is good and the material here is very good,it will be easier for one to do it.Because the piece is not monodrama,it is necessary to be in harmony with the partners as well,so it is a good little task .

Although he spent most of his life in Nyíregyháza, Tivadar Puskás is a true gentleman from Pest. But he already considers Neerseg his second home, he likes to walk the streets, he likes to sit in a good restaurant if he has time.

Slowly I will have to pay attention again, allocate my time stated. – It appears to have been rediscovered in pests as well. It started at the Madách Theater, where the fictional car hasn’t gone for three years, but has now been removed, but the theater had trouble arranging it. Attila Magiar, who plays archivist Aladár Halmos in the play, didn’t understand because he had contracted something else before, so I had to replace him. I was lucky that someone remembered playing the same role in Pusi Nyíregyháza, so they called me. I jumped twice. The script immediately came to mind, everything was great, the preparation, colleagues, theater, director and of course the audience.
The actor also revealed two secrets to Weekend Pepper.

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One of the “secrets” is that I want to be a grandfather anymore, but I haven’t dared tell Betty yet. I don’t urge them, Boogie and Betty know what he’s doing. But until then, it would be nice to have a little grandson! The other is that shortly after the Napsugár boys in Nyíregyháza and the Fairytale Car in Budapest, I will begin rehearsing for one of the roles in the Merry Stage, the play The Study of Women. So there is no stopping.