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Betty Puskas’s parents called Robert Bosser, who spoke loudly to their son.

Majka called out to Puzsér

“How cowardly I am reserved for the occasion when we finally meet one day in real life and you have to take your opinion as a man,” the rapper said.

Majka summoned Robert Bozsir, who had previously called Pete Puskas.

The rapper stood by his fellow musician, rejecting everything that had been written about him before. Majka also stated in her community that she no longer wanted to talk to Puzsér. He also dealt with his personal injuries. As he writes:

“Dear teacher’!

I never told you again before. However, a large number of half-truths (or rather we call them f … s) about you in the past few years have not been said.


Until now, I only approached you because you hurt a guy that I loved precisely because he was never too busy filming someone else, but rather was doing his own thing. I don’t think his genes or his mind would allow him to argue with a creepy bastard, he’s obviously half crazy, and envious like you.

And since I indicated in my previous (and last) post about you that your goal is nothing more than to exacerbate the conflict and keep it alive, I no longer wish to speak to you.

Although I’ve never considered myself a “gangster rapper” you always call her that.

That’s why, please, how cowardly I am, I’m going to be reserved for the occasion when we finally meet someday in real life and you have to make up your mind as a man.

But you can’t always hide behind the sacred protection of a keyboard among scratches from Pornhub. I don’t want to disappoint you about the way a “gangster rapper” behaves when a bladder like you is released from PE.

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I accept Mr. Teacher

Majka writes.