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Bibliography – Science – Katalin Karikó is one of the most prestigious awards in Europe

With more than four decades of extensive scientific and research work and extensive experience, Katalin Karikó has achieved outstanding international success in exploring the therapeutic potential of mRNA – not only in developing a Covid-19 vaccine, but also in treating other diseases.

Since the ’90s, this recognition has been search centeraccording to a synthetic mRNA injection into the body that results in the production of special proteins.

With the vision that the mRNA molecule can be highly successful in recovery, Katalin Karikó has positioned her in a career that goes well beyond her well-documented success in healthcare.

says Antonio Campinos, head of the European Patent Office, according to a statement sent to the catalogue.

“His commitment and perseverance in science, as well as his pioneering approach to research, have led to a ground-breaking innovation around the world in addressing threats to human health,” the president added.

Katalin Karikó was awarded the European Inventor Award 2022 at the hybrid coordination ceremony, which was followed by many people from all over the world. The prize, one of the most prestigious European prizes for innovation, is awarded to inventors who have contributed to the development of society with their exceptional knowledge.

Katalin Cariko wants to develop thirty modified mRNA-based therapies in the future

In addition to the Covid-19 vaccine, Kariko’s research has paved the way for a wide range of medical treatments based on modified mRNA. A lot of research is currently underway to develop therapeutic vaccines for a variety of cancers, as well as for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic disorders.

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According to the researcher’s own list, he wants to develop about thirty modified therapies based on mRNA in the future. He commented on his commitment and belief in the following:

It is important to be able to turn negative stress into positive, because we need excitement and anticipation to be able to experience the success of the experience. As a researcher, this excitement propels me forward in achieving my goals.

He added: “In addition to stress, dealing with criticism is the most important, because I have always been interested in constructive criticism, but I have usually completely ignored the rest (…), which has always pushed me forward.”

The Senate of the University of Eötvös Loránd also chose the biochemist as one of its honorary physicians.

Meanwhile, Eötvös University senator Loránd elected a research biologist as honorary physician. After the ceremonial opening, Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science, will organize a symposium, with Katalin Karikó as keynote speaker.

Katalin Karikó has recently won several awards, including the main award of the Szeged Foundation, the award of the Portuguese BIAL Foundation and the French Academy of Natural Sciences. Previous awards include the Life Sciences Breakthrough Award, the 2021 Time Hero Award, the Lasker Award, the Asturias Princess Award and the Japan Award, all of which he shared with Weissmann, and the 2022 Vilcek Award for Biotechnological Excellence.

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