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Bibliography – Technical Sciences – The Hungarian Sleep Association recommends starting school later

The deterioration of sleep indicators, confirmed by the recent joint survey of the Hungarian Sleep Society and Synapse Health Research, is also unfortunately a characteristic of primary and secondary school children.

We need to pay more attention to the sleep-related effects of lifestyle changes, particularly epidemiological changes, on children and young adults. These age groups sleep less and less, and the quality of their sleep has deteriorated, which must be taken into account when shaping their lifestyle and work schedule, otherwise irreversible processes may begin in connection with their mental and physical development.

The Hungarian Sleep Society wrote in a statement sent to the MTI National Press Service.

According to a study recently published by the American Sleep Foundation, starting school later not only benefits students, but also allows parents to rest more. The Sarah Schoen study found that, for example, parents of high school students could achieve up to 60 hours of extra sleep in the school year if the school start time was shifted by 70 minutes.

Classes in both primary and secondary schools should start no later than 8:30 a.m., suggests the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, which will be one of the first to join the Hungarian Sleep Society. The experience of everyday Hungarian teachers confirms that the efficiency of the lesson is zero and the first lesson after 8 hours is low.

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