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Biden: US forces may remain in Afghanistan after the end of August

“If American citizens remain, we will stay until we take them all out,” Biden told ABC News in an interview on the day many US lawmakers urged him to extend his deadline for final withdrawal.

Biden is under fire for his handling of the withdrawal, which has been dominated by scenes of chaos in and around Kabul airport in recent days, as people desperately tried to leave the country. And Reuters news agency wrote that Biden defended his decisions, saying that problems were inevitable with the end of 20 years of US intervention.

“The idea that it was somehow possible to get out without a mess, I don’t know how that was possible,” the president stressed in the interview.

He also said that the Taliban are working together at the moment to help the Americans evacuate the country. Biden stressed, however, that “we’re having a little more difficulty” evacuating allied Afghan citizens with the Americans.

The news agency revealed that the speed with which Taliban forces regained control of Afghanistan with the withdrawal of the United States and other foreign forces led to chaotic scenes at the airport as diplomats, foreigners and Afghans try to flee, but were hampered by crowds and Taliban checkpoints. from the report.

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