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Bikini bombshell Kriszta Hevesi: Hot picture taken at Balaton Sound – local star

About Kriszta Hevesi Bikini photo taken at Balaton Sound. Like many others, our country’s most famous sexual psychologist is exploding with happiness as festival season rages on again after a two-year hiatus.

She also posed for some hot pictures at the VOLT that was held in Sopron, and in Zamardi she took off her clothes, donned a bikini and sprawled out in Lake Balaton.

Kriszta Hevesi on The Voice of Balaton

She looked like a mermaid with her long blond hair and two blue pieces. The fairy tale is only enhanced by the fact that he was placed on a unicorn mattress in the foam. Seeing her bikini look, we’re not surprised for a moment that her husband, Tamas Hevesy, couldn’t stand not to write a heart symbol for the photo.

One of Europe’s largest outdoor electronic music festivals in 2022 will be held from June 28 to July 2. Kriszta Hevesi not only goes there to celebrate and have fun, but she is also one of the invited speakers at the festival.

As part of the Safety First programme, Balaton Sound has become the safest party venue in Hungary. This initiative was created by the organizers in 2018 in order to avoid problematic situations that arise in places of entertainment and festivals and to increase security. Its key element is education as well, with the participation and assistance of experts such as Dr. Toxicologist Gabor Zakher and Dr. Krista Hevesy.

Bikini photos of Keira Garay

Kíra Járai spent a month in Thailand, and her love of exercise brought her there: she traveled with her coach and a small team to learn Muay Thai. However, she also took time to rest, showing off her form fitting in a bikini on the beach.

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