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Bill Ling: “Kjaer is the epitome of our anthem” – Jürgen Klopp

Late on Wednesday night, Liverpool will compete with AC Milan in Group B of the Champions League. Before the match, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp praised Simon Kegert, likely a newcomer to Milan, who played a key role in rescuing members of the medical team who had suffered a heart attack in the Denmark-Finnish match before writing about the club’s official website.. Life of fellow countryman Christian Eriksen .

Klopp considers Eriksen’s rescuer Kigert a hero (Photo: AFP)


Denmark national team captain Simon Kear He began caring for his collapsing teammate until the arrival of the team doctor, and continued to show exceptional leadership qualities when he and teammates Christian Eriksen, member of the UEFA medical team, and Simon Kegert cornered. Give him a presidential award.

On Wednesday, the 32-year-old defender is due to play for Milan in the BL group game against Liverpool, and the Liverpool boss felt he couldn’t go without a word from Kjaer.

I usually focus on my players and not my opponent, but I have to make an exception todayreadable yourgen club Writing on the official website of the English club. Simon Keir, who is respected by everyone in the sports world, is likely to play against us today. We launched a lot of heroes that day, but Simon showed us how to handle the most acute situation – a true leader recognizes him in crisis situations.”

“I know Kier’s father is also a Liverpool fan and he is certainly proud that his son is an example for our national anthem, “You will not walk alone.”

In addition to the 54-year-old German specialist, captain of the pool team, Jordan Henderson He also wrote an appreciation on his Twitter page for the champ he would like to personally receive at Anfield.

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