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Bill Ling: There is a new sheriff in the Spanish capital – memes

As is known, To a big surprise, Real Madrid beat Sherif Tiraspol 2-1 at home in the second round of Group D of the Champions League. The internet folks didn’t spare Benzema, they instantly flooded social media with memes. Let’s see the best!


The Moldovan team shocked everyone in the first round when they defeated Sahter Donetsk, but no football fan did what the Sheriff of Madrid did yesterday: the rookie BL did not break with Real’s equalizer from the penalty spot, and in the 90th minute Thill took the three points from the Santiago Bernabeu with a stunning bombshell.

Of course, Al Sharif instantly became everyone’s favorite team, and football fans thanked the unforgettable moments with memes – well, they wanted to piss off Real Madrid sympathizers with that too.

Champions League
Group circle, second round

group d
Real Madrid (Spain) – Sherif Tiraspol (Moldova) 1–2 (Benzema from 63 to 11 and Yakhchibu 25, then 90)
Sahtar Donetsk (Ukraine) – Inter Milan (Italy) 0-0

Group D . status
1. The Sheriff of Tiraspol 2 2 4-1 +3 6
2. Real Madrid 2 1 1 2-2 3
3. International 2 1 1 0-1 -1 1
4. Sahter Donetsk 2 1 1 0-2 –2 1

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