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Bill Ling: Zidane is very proud of his crew

Chelsea beat Real Madrid 2-0 in the Champions League semi-finals, and reached the finals 3-1 overall. Let’s see how two insiders saw the match!

(Photo: AFP, archive)

“We could have scored five goals … Before I scored, I missed a position twenty minutes ago. The goal in poetry was very important to us, and everyone could see how happy we were with it. I haven’t won anything yet, and I hope there is this cup.” There is another match left, but every game we go we want to win. “The end will be a great game,” said one of the champions of the match. Mason Mount.


“I can’t describe how I feel now in words. We did a great performance against a tough opponent in a difficult match. We knew how strong the Real was, and we knew it would attack a lot, and we had to do our best. Raise Kai Havertz? It would have been possible.” That was a great goal, but the ball accepted the post, and I also told Timo Werner that it looked eternal by the time the ball landed in front of us … We faced many situations in the first half, and could have paid for some counterattacks. We have two more finals. This season, remember we haven’t won anything yet. “

“We did great and could have scored more goals. Our goal was not to score in this match against a team that attacks a lot. In the second half, we were clearly the best, and we had to suffer, but we fought hard. We can’t forget how he defended.” The great Edward Mendy in the first half. The Chelsea captain said, “In front of a team like Real, they got away without a goal … It’s a great feeling” Cesar Azpilicueta.

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“We can say: Chelsea deserved to win. We fought and tried to win, but the opponent deservedly won – he raised his hat.” Zinedine Zidane In front of the opponent. – Everyone who played in my team today was in good health, I am proud of them, we tried, we presented with honor and we were only one game away from the finals. We have to say that Chelsea did great football, they did really well in this duel. We should attack better, we didn’t have clean positions, they had more than that, like football. But as I said, I am proud of my sons. Now we need to rest a bit and after that we can only focus on La Liga. Of course, we’re not happy, but if you knocked out in the semifinals, it’s normal. It is difficult to accept defeat, but we have to play tomorrow and continue working. ”

“We met a very good team and gave everything we had. I’m sure we’ll be here next year too, then get to the finals. For a team like Real, who have won everything in recent years, it’s hard to accept defeat, but you can’t win all along.” Time… he said wisely Vinicius Jr.

“We deservedly won,” he surprisingly agreed with Zidane, the master of the home team, Thomas Tuchel. – The first half was very difficult for us because Real had a lot of the ball, and we suffered, but all our attacks were dangerous. We defended ourselves with determination, enthusiasm, and thirst for success, then defended ourselves more organizedly in the second half. We could have paid earlier, then felt safe sooner, but this is no time for criticism … we had a great hit, congratulations to my team. Football is like scoring every second, and Madrid is always dangerous, able to score from scratch, so you always have to be very careful when you play against them. It is very important that you also have to focus when you miss more than one situation in a row, in which case you also need to unleash positive energies from yourself on the right path. We succeeded and we really deserved the success. who is this? Sure, his hand, he’s constantly focused, good guy. I’m so happy he didn’t score right now. That another final would be a testament to my talent? Or no, because he’s not the same club anymore … I’m very happy with the new final. I am grateful to live my football life, to live this passion and this professionalism. I don’t think about the final yet, then ask about it four days ago, it’s too early to talk about it, the players might get injured or their shape might deteriorate until then, anything could happen. We will see what happens to us in the meantime, I hope we come to Istanbul with a good team, in good shape, and a good atmosphere that welcomes us there. We want to go all the way, that is, we will go to Istanbul to win. “

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“How much did we celebrate? Yes, my voice disappeared ten minutes ago because we were screaming a lot in the locker room,” he smiled at the cameras. Timo Werner.

Do you still remember who was the German Battle of Leipzig who asked for a replacement in Istanbul because his ears could not stand the voices of the masses?

Werner also revealed that Tuchel had recently allowed players to sleep at home before matches, and that may have also contributed to the success. Private bed, empty stadium, so soccer is getting more and more offensive?

Champions League
Semi-final, refund
Chelsea (Angol) – Real Madrid (Spain) 2-0 (1-0)
Stamford Bridge, Behind closed gates. Led by: Ursato (Italian)
Chelsea: It. Christensen Mendy, Thiago Silva, Rudiger-Azpilicuita (R. James, 89.), Jorginho, Kanté, Chilwell-Mount (Zijes, 89.), Havertz (Giroud, 90 + 4.) – Werner (Pulisic, 67.). Director: Thomas Tuchel
Real Madrid: Courtois – Nacho, Eder Militao, Sergio Ramos, F. Mindy (Valverde, 63.) – Modric, Casemiro (Rodrigo, 76.), Kroos – Vinicius Junior (Asensio, 63), Benzema, E. Hazard (Mariano) Diaz, 89. ). Coach: Zinedine Zidane
Julzerzo: Werner (28), Mt. (85.)

Progressing: a Chelsea, 3-1-es With assembly