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Billie Eilish: “Men are so weak”

Billie Eilish said, “I don’t know a girl or woman who hasn’t had a really strange or bad experience with men.” Brett Fogg Nak. The singer also spoke about sexual assault and abuse of authority in a cover interview. This came in the context of his address to his latest song, Your Power, as an open letter to people – mostly men – who are abusing their position, most of whom are girls and boys.

“I really think men are very weak in foundation. They get lost easily [az önuralmukat]. “Do you expect men not to be arrested if you wear clothes like this?” Seriously, are you so weak? Come on! Go and masturbate! ”

Eilish says in the magazine.

Billie Eilish at last year’s party.Photo: JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX / AFP

Also talk about who does not really care who he is, what life he lives in, what position he lives in, who surrounds him, how strong or intelligent he is,

Anyone can be taken advantage of – even women who find themselves too confident or strong-willed. The singer said it was embarrassing, humiliating, and especially frustrating to find someone to be abused in situations like this, thinking she knew a lot about her. He has also been bullied by an older musical character against Eilish, but he doesn’t want to say more about it.

The Vogue interview also caused a storm because the 19-year-old singer wears a corset and underwear. His fixation style was supposed to be his idea, and with this series of photos, he’s also confirmed that he wants to control the image he conveys of himself. Throughout his career so far, he has only wore loose-fitting, unisex clothes because he didn’t want to be the subject of what he looked like and be sexually differentiated for being a juvenile. (From the inside)

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