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Binotto said Ferrari had mastered the strange problem plaguing the troops

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto believes their car made significantly fewer ‘dolphin’ movements in the second half of testing in Barcelona. Maranellos is happy with the past three days, but they are also expecting a lot of competitors.

The first pre-season testing in Barcelona ended on Friday and the teams were able to get a glimpse of what they saw in three days. As usual, many are curious about Ferrari, with many of their fans wanting to get them back on the road to victory this year.

Although Ferrari was said to be less affected by the dolphin phenomenon, they felt the problem as well.

Well, the picture is relatively encouraging at the moment, but it is not worth drawing far-reaching conclusions from the results of the time at the moment. However, it may be promising that they have managed to cure it to some extent phenomenon, which almost every team encountered on day one to some degree: due to the change in clamping force, the car makes a dolphin-like motion that damages the floorboard. However, according to Mattia Binotto, Ferrari has taken a huge step towards solving the problem.

As for the recoil, there was a problem, but I don’t think it isHe said Ferrari team boss for some members of the international press. “I think if we look at Thursday afternoon and early Friday,” [láthatjuk, hogy] We wore a lot less and somehow handled the situation.”

Previously, the Swiss specialist announceAnyone who first tackles the “dolphin” may have an advantage over the others early in the season. Realizing this, Red Stable fans may be optimistic, if only because Ferrari left Barcelona satisfied.

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“We are happy, mainly because we cut a lot of laps,” Binotto said. “We’ve learned about the car, collected the data, but I think it’s too early to see the lap times. We haven’t been in the same conditions and I expect the other cars to be very fast. Good for us [fontosabb] There was a balance and we really tried to get as much data as we could because we still had a lot of problems to deal with and a lot of potential to exploit. We will now return to Maranello before we fly to Bahrain, and we will have a few days to review all the data and try to improve the current car in some way.”

Laurent Mekies had a similar view, noting that Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz had plenty of miles in F1-75. Ferrari Racing Director betrayalwhich they focused on during the test.

Ferrari completed the first tests with satisfactionSource: Scuderia Ferrari Press Office / © Foto Colombo Images

We’ve completed most of our program, and it’s built around three main elements, starting. – We first had to get an idea of ​​reliability, so we mainly focused on the courses we covered. We then had to determine a number of parameters for the car, from aerodynamic performance to tire performance to the vehicle’s dynamic performance. We have to tackle a long list and we’ve been through a lot of things in three days. Last but not least, it was important for our riders to get enough laps to get to know the brand new car. It requires a different driving style and a different approach to different competitive conditions.”

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The French specialist added that it is also good that the team members are able to get back on the track again and warm up before the long season. According to Mekies, the season will be stressful in other ways too, because like Binotto, he’s expecting a close fight.

We still have a lot of work to do and we can expect a big fight, so now everyone has a lot of work to do. He said. Thanks to everyone at the factory who has worked so hard in recent months to prepare us well for the track. This is only the first step in a long year in which we try to lead hard and work together.”