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BioWare: The New Dragon Age is in the middle of production

BioWare has stuck to its determination to connect with players as much as possible, and took up a blog post yesterday about how the new Dragon Age game is progressing.

Jeff Grubb recently reported that Dragon Age 4 is working fine and may take a year and a half to appear, but now BioWare wire In the case, a confirmation of the information of a journalist VentureBeat.

According to Gary McKay, the plans for the new Dragon Age game were already ready last year – which means it’s past the stage of preparation and is now building on the creative foundations laid. The team is currently in the midst of production: the action in a captivating environment, deep characters, emotional passing, and grounded gameplay.

But while the work is going well, the Dragon Age team is saying goodbye to another person, Christian Dailey, who has worked at BioWare since 2018 and has been the game’s executive producer in recent years. He’s not the only one to leave the studio recently: Dragon Age has already lost a producer and creative director, and two years ago, two members of two pillars from BioWare, Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah, left.

According to the blog post, Dragon Age 4 management currently looks like this: Mac Walters, who also runs Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, takes full responsibility for the game, with Corrine Busche, who previously headed the design and production operations department under Benoit Houle, who He has been working on the Dragon Age series for sixteen years.