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Bishop Laszlo Neamt will preside over the International Episcopal Conference of Saints Cyril and Methodius for another five years | Hungarian Post

At the beginning of the session, the bishops shared their experiences about the challenges of church life during the pandemic. The Catholic Church has done its best to protect the health of those who attend church. Concealment and maintaining a distance is still mandatory in all churches, and hand disinfection is required at entrances. Priests urge patience and perseverance to overcome all the challenges that the pandemic community has imposed on us by working together and respecting the provisions imposed by state bodies.

It’s Pope Francis joy On the fifth anniversary of the appearance of the Apostolic Exhortation after the Council, he proclaimed the Family Year. Also in this way, the Catholic Church wants to help families better understand and follow its teachings. In the distorted sense of gender theory and challenges to family life such as divorce, family breakdown, etc. They plan to attend a family reunion in each parish.

The bishops adopted changes to the regulations regarding the protection of minors in the Serbian Catholic Church, including amendments proposed by the Holy See. Once the Holy See adopts the revised regulations, the complete materials will be posted on the diocesan websites. In this way, the local church is engaged in the protection of minors and vulnerable people in the community.

The Chief Priests discussed the work of the Serb National Caritas and the Archdiocese of Caritas regarding the social functioning of the Catholic Church. In Serbia, the Catholic Church is in the minority, but it is very powerful in terms of its charitable activities. In addition to their work in the service of alms and poverty alleviation, they also seek to participate in as many projects as possible in job creation and mental health.

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With regard to religious education in schools, it was emphasized that there were still serious difficulties and shortcomings, including finding a solution to employ religious teachers and increasing the number of people receiving Catholic religious education.

The return of church property is still relevant. The bishops turned to the appropriate governmental bodies to expedite the return of ecclesiastical property, remedy the historical injustice, and thus aid the social activity of the Catholic Church.

As the terms of President, Vice President and General Secretary of the International Episcopal Conference of Saint Cyril and Methodius expired this year, a new leadership was elected. The president, Laszlo Niem, SVD bishop of Nagybecskerek, was installed in office for another five years; Vice President, Roc Gunlichage, became Archbishop of the Bar; While Robert Bastik was entrusted with the duties of Secretary General.

source and fyou are right: Diocese of Nagybecskerek

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