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BL Final: An independent investigation into the scandalous events has been ordered

The case was more than scandalous before the Champions League final, which led to an investigation.

UEFA has ordered an independent investigation into the scandalous events leading up to Saturday’s Champions League final. And according to the UEFA announcement, on Monday evening, the report will be prepared by independent experts and will be chaired by the Portuguese Thiago Brandao Rodriguez, who took over the task free of charge.

UEFA confirmed that the positions of all decision-makers and participants in the Paris finals will be examined. Evidence will be collected from all parties and further action will be taken by UEFA once the independent report is received.

The confrontation between Real Madrid and Liverpool began with a difference of 36 minutes, according to the first local reports, because the fans arrived late at the Stade de France in Paris.

However, it was later revealed that loud scenes appeared at the entrances to the facility, with many trying to enter without a ticket or with a fake ticket. The police arrested more than a hundred people, and injured 230 of them. The final match ended with a 1-0 victory in Madrid.


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