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BL water polo: Ferencváros takes a second win

With a successful six-goal against Jadran Split, the men’s water polo team in Ferencvaros claimed their second victory in the 2021-2022 UEFA Champions League.

The FTC has been a well-deserved success – click the image for gallery! (Photo: Miklos Szabo)


Ferencváros played the last betting match of the calendar year at the Komjádi Pool on Tuesday night. A team of green and white jumped unbeaten into the Champions League group to score three important points. And despite not finding a winner yet and scoring Bravora points, it didn’t stand in any of the top four places to reach the pre-match eight finals, posting just one win in the fall plus four draws. Jadran Split was one point behind the FTC and the Hungarian squad scored a cautious result over the weekend: they defeated Jug Dubrovnik, who they thought was more likely than ever, in the Croatian Cup final.

The Zsolt Varga team is still not one hundred percent. Although the patients recovered, Zoltan Paul and Tony Neamt had to skip the engagement.

Already in the twenty-fifth minute, Frady scored: Nemanja Opović hit the pass of Eric Molnar into the goal. The mood in the following minutes reminded us of the silence before the storm – no longer on the beach, Ferencvaros receiving amazing support from the stands – mistakes were made in the two teams’ play, but by the end of the first quarter the Hungarians had a three-goal advantage.

The storm is finally over. Dénes Varga couldn’t complain, they already had a smooth game at BL. Realizing the increasingly confident advantage, the youngsters also had more opportunities to play, such as Lőrinc Gábor and Balázs Nyíri, while Gergő Fekete, Molnár and Vendel Vigvári already played a major role.

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Before the first half change, the goalkeeper changed the goalkeeper, but he could not take the first shot either, Vigvari opened it according to her order and method, so at the beginning of the second half the scoreboard showed 9-3.

There was plenty of skepticism about Nemanja Obović’s confirmation, but the Serbian quarterback performed excellently throughout the fall – it was no different on Tuesday night. He continued to move the forts, and in the nineteenth minute he hit a rather impressive goal: the Croatian defender Bey completely suppressed it, while the goalkeeper slipped the net to get the ball, for which Obovic put the game under water from the back. The goal, if not within the net, but beyond the imaginary goal line.

However, the third quadrant was not the same as the first and second; The walls recede. Zsolt Varga was walking ashore more and more unsatisfied, and after an intense defense against the two, he demanded time. Since then, world order has been restored, with two left-handers, Luca Damonte and Martin Vamos, once again commanding the FTC with six bombs.

The Croatian coach replaced his starting goalkeeper in the last quarter, but that didn’t help anymore, Ferencvaros played water polo irresistibly – and as a team that also excelled, eight of their players also scored goals.

Fans and players celebrated together after the bombing – there was a reason, as Freddie finished the fall as the cup winner and undefeated, and also had every chance of reaching the final eight from a group of unprecedented strength.

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Water polo
Men’s Champions League

the group
(4–1, 5–2, 4–3, 12)
Kumjadi Pool, 1800 view. Fifth: Colombo (Italian), Gomez (Spanish).
FTC: VOGEL SOMA – Jansik No. 1, Varga Dénes 2, Molnár E., UBOVICS 3, CUSTOMS 2, Damonte 1. Replacement: MERKULOV 2, Gábor L. 1, Fekete VIGVÁRI VENDEL 2, Nyíri B. Fitness Trainer: Slot Varga
divided: Anic – L. Bukic, MARINIC-KRAGIC 4, Buric, Duzevic 1, SETKA 2, Kharkiv. Csere: Podrug (cabbage), Butic, Pejkovic, Cagalj 1, Delic, Stojanac. Fitness Trainer: Mile Smdlacca
Objective – Human Advantage: 12/7, sick. 10/2. Objective – double advantage: -, Will. 1/0. Target – from five meters: -, Will. 2/1. Scored: Kharkov (p. 25), Gabor L. (p. 29)
master balance sheet
Zolt Varga:
“We played tactically very disciplined, from the first moment it happened in the pool that we wanted. We were able to take one of the most important opponents out of the game, Konstantin Kharkov from his left hand, which was very important because the split attacks were less balanced. Except for the third quarter period, We came up with an effective offensive method.
Mile Smdlacca: “We must have started really badly with fatigue in the cup final – it shouldn’t have happened, but it did.” We also got injured and sick, but that can’t be an explanation for this terrible match. I’m very disappointed, Ferencvaros won well, we should have played a lot better in order to get any chance away from home.