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BL women’s hand: Győr will play the first semi-finalist of the semi-finals

The four finals of the Women’s Handball Champions League in Budapest will begin with the semi-finals of the Audi ETO – Team Esbjerg in Gyr on 4 June. The Metz-Vipers Kristiansand match will take place from 6 p.m. after the 15:15 meeting, Sport Tv writes. The pair was painted on Thursday.

Gere’s first semi-final (Photo: Balázs Csapó / Kisalföld)

Women’s Handball Champions League, Four Finals (Budapest, MVM Dome)
Semi-finals (4 June)

15.15: Győr Audi ETO – Team Esbjerg (Denmark)
6 m: Metz (French) – Vipers Kristiansand (Norwegian)

Alternatives (5 June)
Bronze match
6 m: finals

Geor and Esbjerg have played each other twice so far, in 2017. Eto’o won both times, 32-26 away and 33-22 at home.

ETO has been ranked in the top four in the BL for the 14th time, only once in 2007, and failed in 2015. He has reached the finals eight times, won five times, and won a bronze medal last year. The team from Gyor advanced to the group this season and then bid farewell to the French team Brest Brittany in the quarter-finals, 56-44. This will be Esbjerg’s first appearance among the top four teams in BL. He also advanced from the group stage in first place, and knocked out Romanian CSM Bucuresti with a total of 53-52 in the quarter-finals.

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