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Black: The departure of the leader of the legendary band Debrecen – video – Debrecen news, Debrecen news | Debrecen and Hajdu Bihar district news

Black: The departure of the leader of the legendary band from Debrecen – with video

Debrecen – Tibor Bokor, singer and bassist of the band Color, tragically passed away on December 2, according to the family.

Tibor Bokor – The middle of the three Bokor brothers was born in -1955. The three formed the band Color in Debrecen, which was the first to break through the wall, and had great success as a country band.

They formed a new place in the Hungarian music world: they played progressive rock, melody and symphony with great sound and high-quality vocals. In 1977, they won a talent search competition for Hungarian television in the orchestra category, and then took second place at the Festival of Dance Songs. Their two main albums were released, and their biggest hit, Fearless, has since been tackled.

Their third album was not released because the two brothers left the country. Tibor Bokor moved to the United States, where, like his brother Gyula, he had a serious medical career.

In the many years since then, word spread that the two brothers would return to Debrecen and take the stage again, because music was still present in their daily lives. But this never happened. and probably won’t…

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