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Blinders end Endless Corona Blabla – Friday

What is it mainly about? About how and when the epidemic can be stopped and what changes it will bring to the established economy.

In the short-sighted variant of benevolence, no one wants to come up with the funnel that fighting infections is against life and the future of the planet.

On the contrary, as usual, if one considers that cunning tactics have been distributed, accordingly industrialized nations are threatened by a fall in the birth rate, and even humanity is threatened by a rapidly shrinking population.

Every nonsense coming from the industry is tentatively accepted and all the cups are no longer in the closet where independent, rational thinking is propagated.

What else rarely or never happens in the ongoing corona debate?

The monster of the overpopulation and the rest of the forest have created thoughts of what is the need to hunt.

Do not think about the causes and what needs to be removed from the ground, thus stopping the extinction of hundreds of species daily and avoiding environmental degradation. It is forbidden. There is no man’s land. Obscene. Absurd.

A trained jihadist, without being able to understand what democracy is / is not, can clearly show how he is ruled by fat sacks; He also does not understand now that his government has stopped drilling for oil in Ecuador for six years, so that the Amazon basin is now heavily polluted, or that the remaining shares in the Amazon do not anticipate the possibility of destroying his awful turbo rate when negotiating with interested Bolsanaro.

He was a submissive spirit who could read books with intelligence, but no longer understood anything basic intellectually. On the face of it, democracy, plutocracy and pathology have failed to understand what the most reliable parameters of anti-social and irrational paradox are.

He would no longer understand anything substantial. The proverb placed in the mouth of the sitting grass is also a beautiful postcard in a closed album.

His brain is hermetically sealed, only a slip for published ideas.

After all the absurdities of the last 40 years, the example of corona features, under which the facts approximately understood in the following telegram from last summer did not go through the lock hatch, and therefore did not get cerebral validity.

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|| The WWF warns that conditions for the next epidemic could be widespread if urgent action is not taken

Released June 17, 2020

In a new report, the WWF calls the “COVID 19: Emergency Call to Protect Humans and Nature” Environmental Factors for the Outbreak of Zoonotic Diseases: Lead Utilization leading to high-risk wildlife trade and consumption, deforestation and change, expansion agriculture and sustainable livestock production

– Security system says warning signs clear for years –

Gland, June 17, 2020 – As the world continues to understand the catastrophic consequences of COVID-19, the WWF has called for urgent global action to address key drivers identified as causing a future zoonotic eruption.

In the new report “Govt 19: Urgent call to protect people and nature” The WWF cites environmental factors that contribute to the occurrence of zoonotic diseases: trade and consumption of high-risk wildlife, changes in land use leading to deforestation and change, expansion of agriculture and sustainable intensity and animal production. Numerous warnings have been issued by scientists and think tanks such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) about the risk of a global epidemic. WEF graduated International spread And Infectious diseases For more than a decade The biggest global risks And posed a “serious threat to human life.”

WWF International Director-General Marco Lambertini said: “We urgently need to identify the link between the destruction of nature and human health, otherwise we will soon see the next epidemic. We must control the trade and consumption of high-risk wildlife, stop deforestation and land change, and manage food production in a sustainable manner. It will help prevent leakage, as well as address other global risks to our community, such as biodiversity loss and climate change. No doubt, science is clear; we must work with nature, not against it. Prolonged exploitation of nature has become the greatest danger to all of us. ”

There are questions about the exact origin of COVID-19, but all available evidence suggests that it is one Zoonotic disease That is, she jumped from wildlife to humans. The Chinese government announced on February 24 a comprehensive wildlife consumption ban backed by the WWF. Now the National People’s Congress (NPC) supports amending the existing wildlife protection law, which, if fully implemented, would make China’s wildlife protection law one of the toughest and toughest in the world. Other governments should follow suit and close their dangerous wildlife markets and end this trade once and for all.

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However, dealing with the trade and consumption of high-risk wildlife in isolation may not be enough to prevent further epidemics. Our sustainable global food system enables large-scale transformation of natural habitats for agriculture, disconnecting natural ecosystems, and intensifying human-to-animal interactions with wildlife, farm animals and animals. Libya, the world’s 18th largest country, has had 178 million hectares of deforested land since 1990. [<- Anmerkung: Oder sieben Mal Vereinigtes Königreich] As a result of agriculture and the shift to agriculture, about 10 million hectares of forest remain each year [1] Lost other land uses.

The current tragedy is also happening in Brazil, where deforestation has already increased by 64 percent in April compared to the previous year, due to cuts in federal government enforcement. [2].

The COVID-19 crisis shows that systematic changes need to be made to address the environmental factors of infections. The WWF advocates a “one health” approach that connects humans, animals, and our common environment, and wants it to be included in decision-making about changes in wildlife and land use. It should be incorporated into all business and financial decisions, especially decisions related to global health.

“In the midst of this tragedy, there is an opportunity to heal our relationship with nature and mitigate the risks of future epidemics. However, a better future begins with the choices that governments, businesses, and people around the world make today. “[<- Anmerkung: Und vor allem in diesem Sinn weder treffen, noch umsetzen, da sie Kalfaktoren von Finanzmogulen sind]Lambertini said. “World leaders need to take action to change our relationship with the natural world. We need something New Deal for Nature and People , Which puts nature on the path to recovery by 2030 and protects human health and livelihoods in the long run. “

The WWF highlights the upcoming UN Summit on Biodiversity Conservation in September 2020. This is an important moment for world leaders to accelerate their actions on nature before the important environmental, climate and development decisions that are now being made in 2021. These results represent an inevitable opportunity to change our relationship with nature and to secure a sustainable future for people and the planet. ||

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After all the subsequent impulses about the exchanged media sufff, there should be some more free cortices to absorb something that is not managed in terms of width:

75% of the creatures are no more. A particularly immeasurable portion of the higher organisms that are still going on on Earth cannot continue due to extinction / insufficient genetic pools, food resources, refugees.

Home of more visible green & blue cards.

The pressing question of the time is not whether the monkey theater will still allow you to work tomorrow, or from whom you will have to borrow money, so that surrealism can continue as before.

When methane suddenly resembles a lunar landscape from the ocean, the question that will soon be answered is whether one can still survive because of the hydrogen sulfide coming out of the oceans.

Even the average zombie, which does not affect the disappearance of all large creatures, should at least be allowed in the upcoming scene of dying humanity.

Even if it was not given to him in the media. This is because reality does not care about the nature of distributed thought slogans.

Internationally modified Buddhism is wrong in saying that one does not see.

Of course: he does.