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Blizzard wants to rebuild our confidence

The other half of Activision Blizzard (which will also be part of Microsoft) will be announced next week.

So far, we’ve only heard about Activision since Phil Spencers entered, but now Blizzard is making up for it: Mike Ybarra, president of “Blizzards” In a blog post He mentioned plans, that we might be able to trust in the same way again as they were four years ago (maybe they’ve been on a cliff since Diablo Immortal was announced).

According to Ybarra, their leadership teams are directly linked to improving culture: their success and reward are directly dependent on their ability to create a safe, inclusive and creative work environment. More full-time roles and resources are dedicated to improving workplace culture. Oftentimes, this is the responsibility of the Human Resources (HR) department, where people are already working full time. Here, some new leadership positions have been created.

With the help of the cultural leader, they retain the most important aspects, but when necessary, change and evolve so that everyone brings their very best to the team. HR employees are given a new organizational leader who builds trust and helps create a safe and positive work environment. The Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DE&I) leader focuses exclusively on a number of efforts in this area.

According to Ybara, they are committed to providing these teams with the right personnel as a matter of priority. They have tripled the number of compliance and inspection teams and made clear accountability for unacceptable behavior – this applies to all Blizzard employees, so management and leadership cannot escape it. Representation data was shared internally with teams and goals were set to improve metrics.

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Finally, a bottom-up feedback program was introduced. In this way, employees can evaluate management with confidence and this will be used to measure the quality and effectiveness of management. In terms of video games, Ybarra highlighted the need to provide content to its players more often and promised exciting things. We’ll hear about the first details next week.

Tracy Kennedy, Overwatch 2 Producer on Twitter Set the table for Bobby Kotik, CEO of Activision Blizzard. According to him, Kotick spent a lot of random projects on them in the first part of Overwatch. The team worked overtime for this, and then everything was finally deleted, not to mention that several months of work fell into the trash while developing the sequel. Most of those who worked there resigned, and Kotick was cited as the reason for leaving. He hides behind excuses. That’s why Kennedy called him a coward, and believed that the whole world would remember him as a greedy joke, and Kotick could do nothing about it.

In the end, he wrote so much that his team escaped Kotick, winning. ouch.

source: WCCFTech ), PSL