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Boris Johnson drank a beer and then praised the British citizens

On Monday, the number of people vaccinated twice reached ten million in the UK, with only four people dying from the virus, and the number of new infections was less than 3,000. Index.

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Sometimes even the most important people were told to turn it off: due to the tense pace of the past, thanks to positive data, but the truth is: Boris Johnson celebrated the victory with a beer.

He reported it in his video uploaded on Twitter Yesterday was so important to him because he could finally go to a pubThere he could slowly lift the glass of beer into his mouth.

In the uploaded video, he said that too Another wave may open in the UK on May 17 due to the pace of the vaccine campaign and the public’s attitude towards epidemiological activities. Allows.

It was planned last week, but due to the death of Prince Philip, this can only be done by the Prime Minister now.

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