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Boris Johnson had a painful victory

On Monday night, 359 people voted in a no-confidence vote in Britain against Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his political representatives. Based on the results, Johnson won, getting 211 votes in his favor, with 148 votes in his place.

Boris Johnson was the first current British Prime Minister to face police clearance for breaking the law in modern British political history.

With his victory, Johnson defended himself against another similar challenge for a year, however, based on his past experience and initial political reaction, he was unable to remain in office for long after similar torture by a British political leader.

After several suspicious steps, Johnson went to the runway to find his crew, and he himself was at the party during the closed time ordered for Kovid when everyone was trapped in the house.

Boris Johnson will do it in advance

Johnson said it was now possible to break past tensions and do what was planned for the good of the country among conservatives. This includes tackling inflation, improving public security, strengthening the economy, and tackling the British economy.
As before, he rejected any speculation that a no-confidence vote on a British prime minister would lead to a fall and early elections.

The British Conservative Party last held a no-confidence vote on December 12, 2018 against Johnson’s predecessor Theresa May. The censorship movement was largely initiated by a staunch EU skeptical camp that was deeply dissatisfied with the agreement reached by Theresa May at the time on the terms for Brexit. Theresa May won after 200 members of the then 317-strong Tory faction voted in her favor. 117 people voted in favor of the audit motion against May.

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Johnson’s current condition is deteriorating. He was fined by London police for partying on Downing Street during the restrictions.

Boris Johnson was the first British Prime Minister to be allowed to commit an official crime in modern British political history.

An administrative inquiry was also held into the case, which found that many of the rallies had grossly violated the high standards expected by key government officials and the standards of conduct expected by the British government. With anti-infective controls.