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Boris Johnson has become persona non grata in Russia

The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday it had denied entry to the country for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace and 10 other members of the British government and politicians.

The entry ban extends to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Dominic Raab, as well as former Prime Minister Theresa May.

Photo by Rob Penny/Getty Images

He said in a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: to the list of those banned from entering the Russian Federation.

The full list of bans also includes Grant Shapps, Minister of Transport, Priti Patel, Minister of the Interior, Rishi Sunak, Minister of Finance, Kwasi Quarting, Minister of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, and Nadine Doris, Minister of Digital, Culture and Media. and Sports, James Hebe, Deputy Secretary of Defense, Nicola Sturgeon, Soyla Braverman, Attorney General for England and Wales.

This decision comes in response to London’s unbridled media and political campaign to isolate Russia internationally, creating the conditions to isolate our country and stifle the local economy.

Ministry indicated.

The ministry stressed that the UK is deliberately escalating tensions around Ukraine by providing lethal weapons there and coordinating NATO efforts for the same purpose.

Moscow also considers it unacceptable that “London incites not only its Western allies but also other countries, strongly encouraging them to impose large-scale sanctions against Russia, which, however, are meaningless and counterproductive.”

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, “the main objective of the anti-Russian policy of the British authorities is to increase negative attitudes towards Russia and shorten bilateral relations in almost all areas that harm the British people, their prosperity and interests.”

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The Russian Foreign Ministry has also warned that it will soon expand a ban on British politicians and MPs who contribute to anti-Russian sentiment again.

The list is supplemented by the names of British politicians and MPs “who contribute to anti-Russian hysteria, force them to use language that threatens the whole West in dialogue with Moscow and incite the neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv.” The Minister of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.