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Boris Johnson has evacuated tens of thousands of people fleeing the UK to Rwanda

In Kent, where tens of thousands of refugees landed last year, Prime Minister Boris Johnson reached a strategic agreement on Thursday to repatriate refugees to the island nation, Rwanda. “We need to make sure the only way to stay in their country is safe and legal,” Johnson said.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Photo: Justin Dollis / AFP

The UK is of great concern to refugees arriving in the English Channel, many of whom die while crossing due to inappropriate boat travel. Last year, 28,000 immigrants came from the mainland.

“Those who try to avoid this or misuse our system will not be given an automatic opportunity to settle in Hungary, but will be deported quickly and humanely to a safe third country or to their home country,” he said.

The British government says anyone who has entered Britain illegally since January 1 this year can now be transferred to Rwanda in central Africa, which could disrupt the work of human traffickers. Under the agreement with Rwanda, tens of thousands of people will be able to resettle in the coming years. The UK government is offering 120 million to the partnership in the first round. The relocation will primarily affect single young people.

British opposition politicians say the plan is not only exploitative and unethical, but impossible. Johnson said he knew his plan would face legal challenges, but would do everything he could to get it.

Interior Minister Priti Patel signed the agreement with Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Bruta on Thursday in Kigali, Rwanda. Buildings for refugees were also donated. “When we discussed this partnership, we valued our ability to receive immigrants and realized that we have the potential to receive immigrants, but in the future we will also invest in infrastructure,” Prithvi said.

According to the head of the asylum organization, the plan is against the principle of providing a fair trial on British soil for asylum seekers. Will be given. “I think it’s more unusual for the government to be obsessed with control than to focus on efficiency and compassion,” Solomon Council chief executive Enver Solomon told BBC Radio. (Reuters)

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