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Boris Johnson ruled out a military solution in Afghanistan

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday ruled out a military solution to prevent the emergence of the extremist Islamic Taliban movement in Afghanistan, but said “the sacrifices made by British soldiers were not in vain” on Afghan soil.

Johnson confirmed, after a meeting of the government’s Advisory Council on Special Cases (Cobra), that British embassy staff will be repatriated from the Afghan capital, Kabul, in the coming days. He also said that the government is intensifying its efforts to relocate Afghan nationals to British soil who are helping British forces and who may face reprisals from the Taliban.

British Home Affairs officials helping to process applications from Afghan nationals will join 600 British soldiers traveling to Afghanistan to help bring British Embassy staff and citizens home as the Taliban gradually encircle the capital.

Speaking to reporters, the British prime minister stressed that what happened was the “inevitable logical consequence” of US President Joe Biden’s decision to end the withdrawal of US forces by September.

Johnson said Britain would continue to work with international partners to prevent Afghanistan from once again becoming a “breeding ground for international terrorism”. But he admitted that they could not find a solution on the battlefield. He said: “Obviously it is very difficult, but I still think the UK can be very proud of what it has done in Afghanistan over the past 20 years.” (MTI)

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