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Boris Johnson’s new ministers didn’t even wait 24 hours, they actually stabbed him in the back

Under Boris Johnson, the prime minister’s seat has become more and more vacillating. Two senior ministers resigned Tuesday night, causing a small avalanche. In the twenty-four hours that have passed since then, he’s been out of it More than 35 government agencies, including several state ministers and party deputy head, resigned. On Wednesday, 14 state ministers and deputy ministers of state resigned, which considered a record in British history. The previous peak was 11 in 1932.

The outgoing third minister was Michael Gove. Housing Secretary Johnson kick him out And on Wednesday evening, after the politician called him this morning to resign. The BBC A source in the Prime Minister’s office described Gove as a “snake”.

Number of ministers who have not yet resigned – including times According to his information, Home Secretary Priti Patel, one of Johnson’s main allies, called on Johnson himself to resign on Wednesday evening. The measure was almost fitting for the series Game of Thrones or House of Cards, after he joined the ministerial delegation calling for his departure. Nadim Zahawi And the Michelle Donelan very.

Less than twenty hours ago, Johnson appointed them finance and education ministers to replace Rishi Sun and Sajid Javid, who resigned on Tuesday night.

In addition to the delegation that arrived at the Prime Minister’s office at 10 Downing Street early Wednesday evening, several prominent Conservative politicians separately told Johnson during the day that it was time to leave. In addition to the rebel ministers, another group of pro-Johnson ministers spoke to the prime minister in Downing Street on Wednesday evening.

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The BBC According to reports, in a discussion with his rebel ministers, Johnson argued that none of the rebel candidates for his position could repeat his 2019 election success in the upcoming elections. He also made it clear that he was not ready to leave.

The urchin According to his information, Johnson tried to pressure the rebels only by accepting them one by one. After speaking to his rebellious and loyal ministers, Johnson held his usual weekly meeting with the Queen by phone.

Johnson admitted he met a former KGB spy at the height of the Skripal case

Before speaking to his rebel ministers, Johnson made clear during a session of British Parliament on Wednesday that he had no intention of leaving. In addition to the opposition, several people from his party called on the prime minister to leave during the direct hour of questioning.

However, Johnson said he would resign only if he felt his government could no longer carry out the task entrusted to it by voters. And the task of the Prime Minister in times of crisis is to continue his work for which he was granted these powers [a szavazóktól]. And that’s what I’ll do.”

“Etu Nadhim?” Boris Johnson at the British Parliament session on Wednesday. Next to him is the newly appointed Finance Minister Nadim Zahawi, who turned against him a few hours later – Photo: Handout / AFP / PRU

Immediately after the hour of questioning, Johnson also took part in a committee meeting in Parliament, where the Prime Minister received another slap. Johnson at the committee meeting He confessedthat in 2018, when he was foreign minister, he met face to face with Russian businessman Alexander Lebezhev in Italy.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Lebegiev spied for the KGB and one of its successor organizations, SZVR, among other places in London. After his career as a spy, he started working and became one of the richest businessmen in Russia. He did not part with his previous place of service either, and bought two important English newspapers. In 2009, The Evening Standard, and in 2010, The Independent. Johnson has a remarkably good relationship with the Russian businessman and his son Yevgeny. In 2020, the British Prime Minister also conferred the title of Lord on the latter.

The admission now matters because Johnson met the former Russian spy right after he attended a NATO summit he called in response to the poisoning of Russian double agent Sergei Skripal. In addition, the British Foreign Office was not aware of the meeting, as he did not accompany Johnson to the meeting.

They will change the party rules to remove it

Sunak and Judd announced their departure from Dominoes after another scandal erupted in the Conservative Party in recent days. Chris Pincher, deputy leader of the Conservative group responsible for voting and ensuring party discipline, was accused of drunkenness at a Conservative party club last Wednesday night. He also touched two men shamelessly.

The final straw for Son and Javed was the fact that Pincher was accused of similar sexual assaults years ago, which Johnson learned about (which he also denied for the first time last week). Despite all this, the Prime Minister appointed the deputy to an important parliamentary position.

The government’s exodus in the past 24 hours comes just weeks after Johnson’s parliamentary faction, the Conservative Party, held a vote of no confidence in the British prime minister following a series of scandals within the party. At the time, 211 of the 359 MPs supported Johnson, but the split within the party was clearly visible in the fact that 148 MPs, 41% of the faction, also voted against him.

After the vote, Johnson could breathe a little, because according to the rules of the 1922 committee responsible for a vote of confidence within the Conservative Party, no further vote could be held against him for a whole year (of course, they could still be forced to resign as happened with his predecessor, Theresa May, which also won a vote of confidence a few months before his departure).

But on Wednesday, there were significant developments in this regard, too. On Wednesday evening, after rebellious and loyal ministers, the incumbent Chairman of the 1922 Committee, one of the most influential members of the Conservative Party, Sir Graham Brady, entered the Prime Minister’s office to Advise For Johnson, he stepped down as prime minister.

More importantly, a serious campaign has been launched within the Conservative Party to change the rules so that it is not necessary to wait a full year before holding a vote of confidence against the incumbent party leader.

According to the BBC, it is scheduled within the party that if Johnson does not resign in the next few hours, the current leadership of the 1922 committee will resign, and new people will be elected in their place on Monday. Subsequently, the rules were changed, and a little later a month after the previous law, another motion of no-confidence was submitted against the Prime Minister. According to current speculation, Johnson will not survive another vote.