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Bosslogic showed, of course, what Henry Cavill could look like as a Mountain Dweller

After starring as Team Immortals, Henry Cavill will now play a timeless play in the Mountain Dweller reboot that has been in prep for years. The news was broadcast on Deadline about a day and a half ago, but only as unofficial information, which Henry Cavill himself confirmed shortly after, so from that moment on, it became certain.

Cavill is taking on increasingly exciting roles, and the Mountain Dweller reboot is no exception. Obviously, the actor loves the (possibly mysterious) sword fighting streak that takes place in the past, like for example there were also Vajas, Immortals, Stardust, Tristan and Isolde, so Mountain Dweller would fit perfectly with that streak.

The movie is directed by Chad Stahelsky, who has already established himself with the John Wake trilogy, but we don’t have a premiere or anything like that yet, despite the fact that the project has been in development since 2008. It isn’t even known if it’s Cavill. He’ll play Connor MacLeod, or maybe Duncan MacLeod from the series, or a character who has never been seen in the movie, but thanks to Bosslogic, we can really get an idea of ​​how he drew on the canvas:

Cavill will appear next in Season 2 of Vajas, and he will also return as Sherlock Holmes in the Enola Holmes sequel. Hopefully, more information about Hegylakó’s reboot will be posted on the network soon, as this will mean that events have already begun around him, which is not insignificant for the movie’s plan that has been in development since 2008 …

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