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Bozsik “violated principles of conduct in football,” until e

Among the alternatives sitting on the junior bench, the number 62 Peter Buzek! It is not a deception, but according to the Disciplinary Committee of the Hungarian Football Association, it is a fraud. At least a violation of the “Principles of Football Conduct” for which the original three-match ban was extended to one month in the case of the former Federal Reserve captain, who is currently in charge of preparing Kumarom Football Club in NB III.

Peter Buzek has been banned from football-related activities for a month (Photo: Antal Krskovic / Wegger County News)

On March 14, the MLSZ official website reported one SB decision stating that the board Peter Buzek Head coach (Kumarom) will be banned from all football-related activities for a period of one month from May 14, 2021 and will be required to pay a fine of 100,000 HUF for violating the principles of football.


An act raised an unusual justification from the association’s database It was searchable. distance Peter Buzek was suspended from three matches Hardcore Evolve III, with three and a total of four exhibits on the field. After a match against TVE in the region (1-2), Komarom resorted to a feline draw: on May 10, he fired the 59-year-old’s player testimonial, then among the substitutions, he entered on May 12. A match against Nagiyatad.

The disciplinary committee considered all of this a fraud to the rules, and another tough decision was issued. They definitely went in FEB, this time “From all football related activities” Bozsik is banned.

As mentioned, Thirdly. TV Zone Life Counselor & Fitness Coach, Shane Tossop We also ran into trouble in the memorable match against Komárom with four shows.

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By the way, Bozsik chose the number 62 shirt and became a “active” player again after 2012, before that he was the last footballer to be certified in the Sárisáp BSE colors, and in 1994, a long time ago, he said goodbye to the sport’s elite.

There are two more castles for the tournament awaiting Komarom this season, on May 23 they will host the second Puskas Academy, and on the 30th they will bid farewell to the Balatonfüred home of the 2020-2021 season. The team is currently ranked ninth and at best sixth on the table.

At the helm of the Western Group, the third. District TVE ends, giving the capital club the right to start the NB II soccer season next season.