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[BRÉKING] Here is the release date of Far Cry 6

  • Far Cry 6’s gameplay has shown itself
  • Additionally, we also got a release date
  • And this is only October 7th.

There was a great deal of silence about Far Cry 6 after its premiere was postponed, but now Ubisoft has been running itself around and came up with a very informative presentation, removing the veil from gameplay. It is also clear in the video that this time there will be a great focus on guerrilla warfare, because the professional Yara soldiers will overwhelm us greatly, so we will have to seize all means to emerge victorious from the clashes.

In addition, on the occasion of the show, the developers, who took off the veil, also spoke of many curiosities. They asserted, for example, that Yara would be larger and more complex than any of their open positions to date, as it turns out that our main soldier is a former soldier who wants nothing but to leave the island, but will eventually become freedom. Fighter when faced with the brutality of the regime.

The video also showed homemade rifles operating with cloudy humor, from the turbocharged bolt-action pistol to the rear-mounted Catiosa. Finally, the release date has also been revealed, which is October 7.

Looking forward to the Far Cry 6 debut?

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