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Brexit: EU warns of dire consequences if London suspends Northern Ireland protocol

Britain submitted a proposal to the European Union in mid-October to amend the Northern Ireland Protocol. And the British Foreign Secretary for Britain’s exit from the European Union, David Frost, indicated that in the absence of an agreement, the British government could even suspend the implementation of the protocol unilaterally.

After a discussion with David Frost about the discussions on the Northern Ireland Protocol, Maros Sefcovic said at a press conference, Friday, after a discussion on the Northern Ireland Protocol: Such a move would lead to instability and unpredictability in Northern Ireland. He said that would also have serious consequences for the relations between the EU and the UK, as it would mean rejecting the EU’s efforts to reach a compromise solution to implement the protocol.

The EU Commissioner emphasized that although the European Commission is working hard to bring positions closer, the EU Commission has so far not seen any progress from the UK.

In order to find a solution, he said, the Brussels Governing Council stuck to his proposal to facilitate customs controls. He said the creation of so-called “fast lanes” would cut tariff bureaucracy in half, providing significant relief for on-site service providers. According to him, the measure would affect a wide range of goods consumed in Great Britain from Great Britain, resulting in a reduction of about 80 per cent in customs controls and 50 per cent in related customs procedures.

Sefcovic said the EU-Britain Trade and Cooperation Agreement made it clear that fishing should be allowed in UK territorial waters, regarding the escalation in recent days over the dispute over Britain and France, particularly over fishing rights. He stressed that this means that all eligible French ships must have a fishing licence.

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Expert-level discussions will continue on November 12 in London – Inform the EU Commissioner.

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