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Brexit fighter rejects Britain’s exit from the European Union

The dismissal of Prime Minister Boris Johnson was discussed in the background just days after Britain’s Conservative Party, which he leads, won the extraordinary parliamentary election by a large margin in December 2019. He made this implausible statement to the BBC. in his interview Dominic Cummings is Communications Expert, Let’s Brexit Done! Johnson led the campaign. Now, he said, in January 2020, they already saw that the prime minister had no plans to control the practical implementation of Brexit and move the country that would become independent.

Cummings said his boss at the time didn’t know what a prime minister should do, they backed him – a Brexit support team working around the house of the Conservative Party – because he was able to convey the message of electoral victory, not because he was considered the right person. for the country. Additionally, Johnson’s then-girlfriend, now wife Carrie Johnson (Carrie Symonds), had a say in the Prime Minister’s personnel policy. As a result, members of the support team concluded that they will either have to leave the government environment or get rid of it by July 2020 depending on its arrangement and method.

Cummings himself said his relationship with Johnson had deteriorated so much by mid-July that he eventually left the government in mid-November. They haven’t spoken to each other since, like Stan and Ban, Johnson was the face of Brexit during the 2016 independence referendum, and Cummings was the engine of the Leave campaign, the former president.

Interesting note

Although he led the Leave Referendum campaign to complete success and then the 2019 election campaign with a promise of an effective exit, Cummings is not sure that Brexit was a good decision. He is personally pleased that this happened, but there is no one in the world who can say whether the UK will eventually succeed on the path to independence from the European Union. He believes that anyone who asserts their chin on issues of this caliber is weak-minded, whether pro- or anti-Brexit.

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One of the reasons we won is that we didn’t think we were right about everything and that those who stayed in the EU were all stupid, traitors, or could be accused of any other ugliness, he shared one of the secrets of the referendum’s success. with the BBC. The other secret is no longer noble, it seems more cruel. It is the inscription that Johnson’s red truck used on a tour of Britain in early summer 2016. According to this, the UK pays 350 million pounds a week into the European Union, which can be spent on health.

Cummings admitted that they knew the inscription was a lie because it was a total contribution, much of which was recovered, but they wanted to provoke the survivors. They also achieved their goal because, rather than campaigning for the EU, they argued about how much the island nation would lose economically with Brexit, which was not as obvious as the fake number on the side of a truck.