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Brexit: Hungarians have 100 days to register if they want to stay

Britain withdrew from the EU on 31 January last year, but the EU citizens still have the legal and customary immigration rights to remain in the country until the end of the interim period following the termination of the EU membership (Brexit) by the end of 2020. However, they must apply for a residence permit for an indefinite period, which is a legal status established in an official name. Applications can be submitted until June 30 this year.

In a statement presented by the ministry on Tuesday, Kevin Foster, Secretary of State for Border Control and Immigration at the UK Home Office, drew the attention of EU citizens that there are only a hundred days until the end of June.

Foster said owners were encouraged to obtain their legal status by obtaining a residence permit under British law.

The Secretary of State also asked that if there is anyone in the circle of acquaintances who are eligible to apply for the established status, but they have not yet done so, they should be encouraged to submit an application.

Foster noted that 5.1 million EU citizens have so far applied for a permanent UK residence permit. “European (EU) citizens are our friends, family and neighbors,” said the Secretary of State for Home Affairs, describing the resettlement program for EU citizens living in the UK as a great success.

According to the British Home Office’s most recent quarterly summary, 131,000 Hungarian citizens have so far applied for legal status established in the UK.

Poles and Romanians topped the country-wise list with 911,240 and 836,980 applications, respectively. Of the citizens of the major member states, 472,300 were Italian, 301,790 Spanish, 192,800 French and 135,240 German by the end of February.

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Of the 54 per cent applications examined, applicants were granted permanent status and in 43 per cent of cases pre-established status. The latter is available to EU citizens who have not resided in the UK for five years at the time of submission, but can wait up to five years and then obtain a final residence permit. Until then, they are fully entitled to the rights they purchased.

EU citizens living in the UK must provide reliable proof of identity and way of life in order to obtain established legal status.

They should report if they have previously been convicted of a criminal offense. The 11-month transition period began after the end of British EU membership at the end of January last year, during which immigration rules for EU citizens remained unchanged.

Therefore, those who came to the UK from the European Union with the intention of settling by the end of this period, i.e. living in the UK on December 31, 2020, can apply for a residence permit with the same entitlement. long time.

However, since the first day of this year, the British government has introduced a new, uniform immigration regime for newcomers to EU countries and outside the EU, which will judge applications for installation based on the scoring system, mainly on the basis of applicants. Qualifications and English Language Proficiency.

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