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Brexit – It is already possible to apply for a British Residence and Work Visa

From Tuesday, foreigners, including citizens of EU member states, can apply for UK residency and work visas after January 1, 2021. EU citizens who already reside in the UK and have obtained or are applying for a residence permit by the June deadline are not required to apply for such a visa.

Britain withdrew from the EU on January 31, but in the interim until December 31, when it came into force on the day of departure, immigration rules did not change.

However, the British government had already announced this in the summer From next January, it will apply the same immigration rules to new visitors from EU and non-EU countries based on a new scoring system.

According to the UK Home Office In the online interface created for this purpose, the process of obtaining the necessary visas for establishment and employment can begin on Tuesday, one month before the new regulations come into force.

Under the regulatory principles, which come into effect on January 1, a foreign applicant must collect at least 70 points by completing each of the criteria set out by the UK authorities to apply for employment.

The organization needs it Foreign workers must already have a valid job offer from an employer whose eligibility for employment is recognized by the UK Government at the time of application.

Foreign workers can apply for a job Their minimum required professional qualifications or more.

However, it can only be recognized if the UK work permit is officially defined Speaks English “at an acceptable level”.

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According to the set of rules, those who meet these conditions, who cannot exchange with other criteria, can get 50 points, but an additional 20 points must be collected by fulfilling interchangeable conditions.

This includes Salary, Which can only get 20 points, but it is necessary to achieve this Annual minimum wage, 6 25,600 (HUF 10.4 million).

If this annual salary is not available for a particular job, the lost marks can be generated by fulfilling other conditions.

Thus, for example, who They come with a minimum of 4 20,480 promising jobs per year, If the job is on a list of officially compiled businesses in short supply.

Providing job opportunities for such jobs is also worth 20 points during the evaluation.

Similarly, if the employer does not pay 6 25,600 salary per year, a maximum of 20 points can be earned, but the candidate presents a PhD degree obtained in a given field of work, which is related to performance.

Foreign EU citizens residing legally and practically in Great Britain may remain in the country without a separate visa until the end of the Interim Period until 31 December, and can retain all the rights they have acquired if established legally indefinitely. Residence. Status – have applied or are applying.

This legal status can be applied until 30 June 2021.