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Brexit was quietly suppressed as a solution

For the first time in the last five years since the British independence referendum at the end of June 2016, the EU and the UK appear to be acting behind the occasional outcry to calm the conflict and mitigate the damage caused by Brexit, Chris Giles said. The Financial times Advertiser. The mitigation of the expected damage will, of course, not offset the devastation so far, especially as the weakening of the pound has made imports more expensive and, by international economic estimates, British living standards have fallen by almost three per cent.

In fact, the EU has introduced stricter border controls, which economists have warned, while Brexitists say it does not apply to the interests of companies on the continent. Although trade figures have been strongly distorted by the epidemic economic crisis, UK exports to the EU have been steadily declining since three years ago. Imports are still declining rapidly. Assuming that European companies export their islands in the most important way, the Brexiters will not let it fall.

However, after the average British Brexit was not enough to pay more for their favorite imports, London began to postpone its exit from the EU. Six months ago, the introduction of full border control was postponed, which has now been extended to the summer of 2022, excluding relevant documents to increase delivery time and costs. As promised in the Brexit Referendum, the “withdrawal of control” across the country’s borders will not improve the quality of life of an island nation, but: Until then Postpone this as long as possible.

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Another offer is that companies will be allowed to use EU “CE” markings on products for another year instead of introducing the “UKCA” code. The latter, moreover, copies this system completely unnecessarily. It will last a long time, the best British companies and consumers will do. The government seems to be indirectly realizing that giving water to Brexit is better for the economy.

Fortunately, the remedy is mutual. Although the London government has indefinitely postponed the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol, which means imposing tariff restrictions on exports from Britain to Northern Ireland on behalf of the EU, Brussels is now quietly swallowed up. This level of “illegal” tolerance, i.e. ignoring the EU-UK agreement, can be tolerated unless there is no evidence that bulk goods flow into Northern Ireland and from there across this open border. To the British Government.


Ceasefire in wars reflects a temporary balance of power. However, when they stand up for a long time, they are more durable even if they are temporary on paper. For example, in the absence of a peace agreement, there has been a slow ceasefire between the two Koreas for seventy years. Indefinite temporary conditions are common in the EU, and Brexit irrigation is ideal for British companies and consumers.

Brexit, along with its cost, is now the handle of the mad ax. He brought to his supporters what was expected of them, they are empowered, but the regime is coming responsibly, at least as much as possible we must strive to keep the people from living worse than before. The London government and the EU leadership in Brussels can say the same thing about Brexit, but in the background, they are fine to pursue a peaceful, temporary reprieve indefinitely.

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