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Britain can rest on border controls – Flick

Leaders fear the new rules, which take effect on April 1, could cause further difficulties in trade They will lead to severe food shortages in the country’s supermarkets.

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David Frost is a Brexit minister Facilitate full customs control nowAnd physical tests Planned tightening Anyway, it will be in effect from July 1st. On Saturday night, Downing Street confirmed that the politician had ordered a reconsideration not to place unnecessary burdens on the business sector.

A One of the Guardian’s sources He knows that Britain currently has the right infrastructure and staff to ensure that customs control runs smoothly, especially if strict regulations are put in place. From April 1, as planned for the island nation Imports of all products of animal and plant origin in Europe must be accompanied by a complete product documentation and sometimes veterinary certification.

From July 1, products shipped to the UK can only be shipped with a customs notification and their products can be subjected to further inspections.

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