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Britain does not want quick peace in Ukraine

In the interview, Liz Truss said that he expects Moscow to not be bound by any agreement for a long time because the peace that Russian troops have in Ukrainian territory is unacceptable. He finds that the Minsk Accord was also used by the Russians after 2014 to mobilize their forces and attack Ukraine with full force.

Truss believes that the Ukrainian government wants to reclaim all the occupied territories, where Britain supports the Kiev leadership.

They should be supported in this, not in a speedy peace treaty, in which the territories are abandoned.

– Liz Truss said that Russia should then be expelled from the territory of Ukraine and should not be allowed to use military aggression again against other countries.

He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Russia, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Moscow.

Welt reporters also asked Dras if he thought there was a real chance that Ukraine would recapture all of its territory, including Crimea. Truss said Ukraine needed more support from Britain and hoped other countries would do the same.

He added that although the conflict lasted for 10 years, they would remain with Ukraine in the long run.

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