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Britain faces unprecedented sanctions on Moscow

In accordance with the United States and the European Union Britain will introduce new trade restrictions and stricter export controlsProposes new legislation banning the export of all dual-use goods to Russia, including high-tech and important technical equipment and components in the electronics, telecommunications and aerospace sectors.

These trade sanctions will limit Russia’s military, industrial and technical capabilities in the coming years

Johnson said.

The bill to implement them will be tabled in Parliament early next week.

Russian airline Aeroflot will not be allowed to land in the UK and the assets of all major Russian banks in the UK, including VTB, SBERBANK and GAzprombank, will be frozen.

In addition, four military technology companies are allowed.

All sanctions against Russia apply to Belarus.

Leader of the Opposition Labor Party, Keer Stramer He said big changes need to be made in his attitude towards Russia.

Our country has long been a safe haven for money stolen by Putin and his bandits from the Russian people. That should change now

– He said.

Boris Johnson also argues

Swift should ban Russia from the international tariff system, but this can only be done in accordance with the Allies.

The Financial Times Some EU officials who are familiar with the sanctions talks have said they will Olaf Scholes The German chancellor warned that his country would have reservations about such dramatic action as the EU.

Dimitro Guleba The Ukrainian Foreign Minister wrote on his Twitter page today that anyone who suspects that Russia should be excluded from the SWIFT should understand that the deaths of Ukrainian men, women and children are drying up in their hearts.

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Johnson argued in a telephone conversation with the G7 today that Russia should be excluded from the SWIFT. Canada is also said to have expressed support for this.

In a parliamentary question, Johnson confirmed that Britain would protect an ally under NATO’s Section 5 if attacked by Russia, although he called it a difficult opportunity.

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