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Britain had freedoms in mind

According to the British Foreign Secretary:

The new Tripartite Security and Security Partnership with the United States and Australia aims to protect the freedoms gained and promote them globally.

Lis Truss wrote in The Conservative British newspaper The Sunday Telegraph: Britain is committed to fighting for freedom, free trade, democracy, equality, women’s empowerment and the promotion of LGBT community rights.
However, freedoms must also be protected.

London builds strong security relationship worldwide,

The British Foreign Secretary wrote that this was the reason why British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and US President Joe Biden recently announced a new security partnership initiative called AUKUS between the three countries.

Photo: AFP

The world Serious importance In order to maintain stability in India and the Pacific region, the provision of nuclear-powered but usually armed submarines to the Australian Navy is one of the primary practical objectives of the Tripartite Agreement, as stated in the Joint Statement.

Communications did not name China, but standard expert estimates are a clear expression of the concerns of the US, British and Australian governments over Chinese military action in the Indian and Pacific regions.

However, as a result of this effort, Australia stopped supplying its regular $ 37 billion contract with France for regular-submarines.
Paris With extraordinary anger Reacted to the growth.

French government for advice hazarendelte US and Australian ambassadors and French Foreign Secretary Jean-Yves Le Drian quoted British newspapers over the weekend as saying that France’s relations with the three allies were in serious crisis.
The French ambassador to London has not been recalled, but the French foreign minister said in a statement quoted in London that Paris was not surprised by Britain’s “continued lucrative” behavior.

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Jean-Yves Le Trian said London would be “only the fifth wheel of the stock” in the AUKUS alliance.
However, British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss said in an article in The Sunday Telegraph:

The three countries aim to work together in the use of sophisticated technologies ranging from nuclear submarines to artificial intelligence to quantum computers.

The agreement signifies a commitment to security in the Indian and Pacific region, Liz Truss said in an article on Sunday.
The British Foreign Secretary added that the new defense agreement could create hundreds of new, more efficient jobs in Britain.
The UK Government Communications in the AUKUS Partnership mentions this directly, stating that Britain has been building and operating nuclear submarines for over 60 years, so it can provide great expertise and experience to the AUKUS initiative involving British giants. Such as Rolls Royce and PAE Systems.