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Britain is at the forefront of vaccination in Europe, but there are many casualties

The death toll from the corona virus worldwide is 2.9 million, while 76,511,960 have already recovered, according to Saturday morning data from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. At the same time, the number of victims reached 134.5 million.

The day before, 133,808,161 people had been registered, of which 2,901,072 had died. The epidemic is prevalent in 192 countries and regions.

Experts say that the number of cases detected does not accurately reflect reality, because the number of trials in each country is more or less the same, and the criteria for registration vary.

The disease, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus known as Govit-19, severely affects the United States, with 31,084,065 infections and 561,058 deaths so far.

  • In Brazil, 13,373,174 people were affected and 348,718 died and 11,722,181 recovered.
  • In India, 13,060,542 victims and 167,642 deaths have been reported and 11,913,292 are recovering from the disease.
  • There are 5,000 314 infections and 98,202 deaths recorded in France.
  • In Russia, the number of confirmed infections rose to 4,572,053, the number of deaths to 100,554 and the number of survivors to 4,200,282.
  • In the UK, there are 4,380,167 infections and 127,284 diseases.
  • In Turkey, 3,745,657 cases have been reported so far, with an official death toll of 33,454.
  • In Italy, 3,736,526 victims, 113,579 have died and 3,086,586 have been rescued from Covit-19.
  • In Spain, 3,347,512 people were affected and 76,328 died.
  • In Germany, 2,990,724 people were affected, 78,295 died and 2,654,930 were rescued.
  • In Poland, there were 2,528,006 victims, 57,427 deaths and 2,107,776 rescued.
  • In Colombia, 2,504,206 people were affected and 65,283 were killed.
  • In Argentina, 2,497,881 people were affected and 57,350 were killed.
  • In Mexico, 2,272,064 confirmed virus patients and 207,020 died.
  • In Iran, 2,029,412 people were affected, 64,039 died and 1,693,005 were cured.
  • In Ukraine, 1,875,605 people have been affected and 38,074 have died and 1,443,522 have been cured.
  • In China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), 102,012 infections were reported, as well as 4,843 deaths and 96,715 cases.
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On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared an outbreak of the corona virus from the Chinese city of Wuhan.

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