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Britain is preparing for the platinum anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s reign

In the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth, II. Seventieth Platinum Anniversary of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The festival series events start on Thursday and last for four days.

Preparations are underway II. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth’s accession to the throne

Queen Elizabeth attended the opening of London’s new metro line. This line is named after him, the Elizabeth line, so the line connecting the eastern and western parts of the British capital will be the most enduring and grandiose commemoration of the Queen’s 70th anniversary known as the Platinum Anniversary. But only one by any means.

Although all British money II. We see the face of Elizabeth, and special commemorative coins were issued for the anniversary. The British Royal Mint issued 1.3 million 50 pence coins. At the request of a private collector, the Mint undertook to print the largest and most valuable coin of all time.

On one side of the 70 million Forint masterpiece can be seen the Queen on horseback, while on the other side of the coin is the Queen’s monogram.

Apart from the motherland, the British Commonwealth member states are also excited to celebrate the anniversary.

An exhibition commemorating Elizabeth’s rule in Australia. The exhibition also features a collection of extraordinary ten thousand coins, including nearly 2,500 queens.

If he visits this record, I hope he will celebrate the Jubilee better and that he will be the Lord of our country for a very long time.Says the owner of the exhibition.

Also in Ottawa, Canada, a Kharki dog meeting was held to mark the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite dog breed, and she has always held some of them at the palace.

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A new rose variety in pink was also grown for the Platinum anniversary and presented at the Chelsea Flower Show in the presence of the Queen, with the flower being named after the Queen.

The Platinum Jubilee Series kicks off on June 2 with more than 1,400 soldiers, 400 musicians and 200 cavalrymen – the Royal Guards congratulating Queen Elizabeth on her 70-year reign.