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Britain is ready to trade with the EU without an agreement

Britain withdrew from the EU on 31 January. On the day of his departure, an interim period of 11 months began, the main purpose of which was to allow time for agreement on the terms of future relations. After all, the British government wants to reach a comprehensive free trade agreement with the EU, but according to the unanimous statements of London and Brussels, there has been no significant progress in the seven rounds of talks so far. The eighth round starts in London on Tuesday.

In an interview with the Conservative British Mass newspaper on Sunday, David Frost said: “The EU does not agree that Britain wants to control its own law in key areas of life, to conduct its own affairs and to live as a member of the British EU. (Brexit) with the freedom granted by suspension. However, according to the British chief negotiator, London would not be willing to accept the conditions for creating a level playing field that would tie Britain to the EU.

Frost, one of the most controversial issues for fishing rights in British territorial waters, said there was a “huge gap” between the positions of the two sides and that there was not even any constructive dialogue on it. According to David Frost, the European Commission recognizes that Britain is a free sea country, which Michael Barnier, the head of the EU negotiating delegation, has repeatedly voiced, “but has not made any legal decisions on.”

In the absence of an agreement, the British Chief of Staff inevitably responded to the question of whether the British Royal Navy could launch patrols to protect British fishing rights in British territorial waters from January, at the end of the Interim Period. Frost said Britain did not want to talk in detail about how to control its regional waters, but it would be up to the British government, as well as to determine who would have access to that water if there was no fisheries agreement with the EU. .

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The British negotiator strongly criticized former Prime Minister Theresa May Brexit’s negotiation process: the May government has backtracked on defining moments, from which the European Union decided that Europeans should not take what the British say seriously. “Therefore, a significant part of this year’s mission is to raise awareness for the EU: we are serious about what we say and they need to take our position seriously,” he added.

David Frost stressed that the British government was “not at all afraid” of the possibility that a bilateral trade agreement with the European Union would not be reached. It continues and expedites the situation of non-compliance with the Convention and is prepared to maintain its trade relations with the Union in such circumstances.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has previously told the EU that London does not want to extend the interim period, which expires on December 31, although no agreement has been reached on the terms of the relationship.

In the absence of a bilateral trade agreement within that period, trade between Britain and the European Union could continue under the general rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which could lead to the emergence of tariffs on free trade at present.

The Department of Commerce continues to warn the UK Government of its dangers.

The British Road Carriers Association sent a letter to Johnson yesterday stating that the lack of a trade agreement could cause catastrophic disruptions to UK supplier networks and that the British government was not paying enough attention to it.


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