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Britain is suspended for a week by historic strikes starting today «Standard

The largest train strike in the last hundred years begins in the UK today, following the failure of the British government to reach an agreement with the Railway, Maritime and Transport Workers’ Union (RMT). The 24-hour strike will take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but interruptions will affect traffic for the rest of the week – maintenance work to be done at night will not begin on strike days. Instead of the usual 20,000 flights today, only 4,500 trains will depart today, which will also affect Scottish and Welsh services that are not directly involved in the strike.

As before We were informedRailway workers protest against austerity measures by the country’s government following the outbreak

Take about 2 2 billion from the railways this year and next.

It also means that their pay, which has not changed for many years, will definitely not rise until 2024. The first signs of austerity were already seen at the beginning of the year. Travel costs have risen to an all-time high of 9 years from tomorrow.

The wage freeze, funded by the railways and concerns about the right to bargain collectively by the Railway, Maritime and Transport Workers’ Union (RMT), which unites 16 railway companies, led to the strike being decided by the most privately owned companies.

Train workers will join workers in the London Underground on Tuesday, so traffic in the UK capital is paralyzed today.

Negotiations between the RMT and the employers also took place on Monday, and according to the union leader, they received a 2-3% wage increase offer here, which was rejected as the RMT wanted to achieve at least a 7% increase with 11% inflation.

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In the London Underground, there was a constant blackout Tunnel drivers strike. The layoffs and related criticisms are often quite simple, as well as important lessons learned from the strike by domestic law firms representing public transport workers. Measurement The union also regulates layoffs Was contacted.

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