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Britain plans to accommodate thousands of Afghans

Britain has so far been able to expel 1,000 people a day from Afghanistan, which has been seized by Taliban insurgents in recent days, British Home Secretary Priti Patel told the BBC in a statement on Wednesday. The British government has long planned to invade many thousands of Afghanistan. According to Patel, these were British citizens and Afghans employed domestically by the British government.

Following the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan, London had previously drawn up a plan to resettle in Britain about 5,000 Afghan nationals who had worked for the British government in Afghanistan.

The government announced Tuesday night that it was expanding the program: for the long term, the country’s most depressed and wanting to leave the Taliban, including 20,000 Afghans – mainly women, women and members of religious and other minorities – including 5,000. This year.

In a picture released by the British Defense Department, a plane carrying rapid reaction air information of the British Army arrives in Kabul on 15 August 2021. (Photo: MTI / AP / British Ministry of Defense / Ben Shird)

According to Reuters, London has acted in response to recent events in Afghanistan and pressure from opposition parties and aid groups. However, according to the opposition, the plan is underdeveloped and not generous enough.

“As a nation, we are doing everything we can to start a new life in Britain for the most backward people who want to leave Afghanistan,” Britty Patel said last night. In a Daily Telegraph article, the minister called on other countries to take refugees to Afghanistan. “Britain is doing its best to help other countries and their contribution. We want to set a precedent, but we alone cannot bear its loneliness,” he wrote in the article.

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France on Wednesday deported 184 “Afghan citizens”, 25 French-Afghan dual nationals and 216 people, including four Dutch, one Irish and two Kenyans, Jean-Yves, who fled the French embassy in Kabul. Le Trian, Minister of Foreign Affairs. The plane went to Abu Dhabi, from where it went to an unnamed French airport. Forty-one people were picked up by France from Kabul on Tuesday afternoon, the AFP news agency reported.

Many foreign governments are now trying to figure out how to respond to the Taliban takeover. Although the Taliban promised to change their attitude towards women’s rights, many feared that there would be little change in the situation compared to what they experienced between 1996 and 2001, when only a male relative could join the girls on the streets and go to school. Sem.