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Britain relies on France’s goodwill on the issue of immigration

2021.09.09. 10:00

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain was relying on French officials because of the English Channel.

Britain is relying on France to fight illegal immigration, he said on Wednesday Boris Johnson The British Prime Minister in his speech to the Parliament of London.

“It depends on what we French do,” the prime minister said. “However, we will use all the tactics at our disposal to prevent immigrants from crossing the English Channel.”

Due to the favorable weather, the number of attempts to cross the turbulent waterway between France and Great Britain has increased again in recent days.

On Monday alone, 785 migrants passed in small boats, according to the UK Home Office. Daily registration In August, 828 illegal immigrants were counted.

The BBC’s British Public Service Media Summary More than 13,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in the UK on this route since the beginning of this year.

According to a French politician, the passage of immigrants could not be prevented because the entire coast of France could not be controlled by the police.

Nothing can stop them. ”

He told BBC Radio 4 today Pierre-Henry Dumont, Representative of the port city of Calais in the French National Assembly.

“We have to observe 300 to 400 kilometers of beach day and night, and because of the length of the beach, it is almost impossible to stop a police officer every hundred meters,” Dumont declared. As he said, hot weather is the main reason for the high number of crossings, but there are many other reasons he thinks should be addressed. For one thing, it would be easier for immigrants to speak English and look for work in the UK, even if they are staying in the country illegally.

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