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Britain stands for a minute, now the prince is buried in the Philippines

This afternoon will be put to eternal rest II. Husband of Queen Elizabeth, died at the age of 99 Prince Philippines. The tragic event was broadcast live on the Internet and on television because only thirty people could attend the funeral due to restrictions imposed as a result of the corona virus.

Funeral on this You can find it live at the link: Philip left saying he wanted a simple, unspoken funeral in his lifetime, but now the Bishop of Windsor has leaked what he remembers in his farewell speech, writes BBC. We are all impressed by her loyalty to the Queen, her service to the nation and the Commonwealth, and her courage, spirit and faith. ” It will turn into decades of Prince Philip’s direct personality, sense of humor and exemplary love.

Photo: AFP

Another great love sea of ​​the prince, so the Royal Navy has a special role to play in his farewell.The Royal Marines, Scottish Highlanders, 4th Battalion of the Royal Scottish Regiment and members of the Royal Air Force will deliver the last contingent of 730 men to the Philippines. The body of Prince Philip is taken to a private church after his death, Then transferred from there to Windsor Castle. From here, the modified Land Rover delivers to St. George Chapel – the prince was also involved in the design of the car. The coffin will be covered by the flag of the Philippines, and orders for its merit will be placed on the altar. In the front row behind the coffin Prince Charles and Princess Anna, then Prince Andrew and Edward They march into the church, followed by the third row William and Harry. The Queen comes in a separate way with a Bentley. The ceremony begins with a minute of silence as a mark of respect, and after the farewell address by the Bishop of Windsor, the Archbishop of Canterbury read the final blessing. Grieving participants were forced to wear masks and stay away – for the Queen’s safety, she sits alone, away from her loved ones in the front row, burying the only love of her life. By order of Philip, the important 1860 anthem in the life of the sailors will be performed in a four-member choir after the blessing, and at the prince’s request those attending the funeral will wear casual festive attire, not military uniforms. The prince’s four children and eight grandchildren may pay their last respects at the cemetery, but the youngest grandchildren may not attend the funeral. – Thus, among others, the eldest sons of Prince George, William and Catherine cannot go on the grandfather’s last journey. The husbands of two new members of the family, Princess Eugenia and Beatrice, were recently added to the guest list, but Prince Harry’s wife, Megan, was unable to travel to the UK due to pregnancy. At the beginning and end of the ceremony, nine points were lit in England and Gibraltar. During this period, Heathrow Airport will not allow flights to take off and land for minutes as a mark of respect, and sporting events have been rearranged so that no one is present during the final event. Following the funeral, national mourning officially ends in the UK, But members of the royal family still mourn for a week. This time, they accept their duties again, but wear only black clothes.

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