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British Air Force Typhoon fighters took off with the aim of protecting Europe

RAF Typhoon fighters are contributing to air patrols as part of Operation Enhanced Allied Vigilance, a NATO-led operation following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In doing so, British combat aircraft fly with their allied counterparts to defend the region and provide a strong response to Russian aggression, thus contributing to Europe’s security.

RAF Hurricanes, in partnership with our allies, continue to demonstrate our commitment to NATO. We are ready to defend Europe and the Atlantic region from further aggression

Air Vice Marshal Phil Robinson, Group 11 commander, said.

I am incredibly proud of the courage and commitment of our flight crew in the region and all of our support staff.

Follow the British commander.

The RAF contribution will take the form of Typhoon FGR4 aircraft operating from Coningsby in Lincolnshire and Akrotiri in Cyprus.

Armed with the latest air-to-air missiles and full defense aid, Typhoons are patrolling NATO airspace over Poland and Romania, “demonstrating once again the UK’s unwavering commitment to NATO.” The Hurricanes are supported by Brize Norton’s RAF Voyager aerial refueling aircraft, which provide additional fuel to the fighters, allowing for a longer range.

In early February, we reported that British Air Force Typhoons had to be alerted to the appearance of four Russian military aircraft off the coast of Scotland. RAF aircraft identified two Tu-95s and two Tu-182s and “taken them out of the UK’s circle of interest”. Russian bombers did not violate British airspace.

Cover image source: MOD via Getty Images