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British citizens can receive personal data from EU citizens for a period of four years

a According to a BBC article The European Commission has decided that the UK can continue to receive personal data from EU citizens, a decision that will last for four years. According to the commission’s announcement, the data flow agreement will be renewed if the British maintain an adequate level of data security.

The decision is a huge relief to British companies, which have already negotiated costly alternatives with EU partners on how to ensure the continuity of data flows.

The agreement between the European Commission and the United Kingdom covers European Economic Area data as well as European Union data. According to the commission, this was because Britain’s data security system was based on the same rules as when the United Kingdom was part of the European Union. However, they indicated that they would intervene at any time if they considered that the island nation’s data security measures would deteriorate.

However, the EU excluded from the free data transfer agreement that the British could use to control immigration.

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