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British fall: Some parts of the island country were found in Russian arms

Boris Johnson was encouraged in Parliament… Although not in Britain, in the Ukrainian Rada, he is considered a national hero for his strong position on Kiev. Johnson, who wants to name a street in Ukraine, seems to have avoided the embarrassing notion that British elements were found in the weapons of enemy Russians.

In Britain, the government has announced that it will investigate the news. The reason is that the abandoned Russian weapons are suspected to be heavily dependent on Western elements.

The Telegraph quoted the Borisoglebsk-2 mobile jamming station as an example of the British Prime Minister’s first name. This Russian device includes British, American, South Korean, Taiwanese and Dutch parts; From manufacturers in countries where governments have joined in the severe sanctions against Moscow.

British components include high frequency transistors, electronic components for civilian and military use. The British are now exploring how these got to the Russians. Maybe before the current invasion, that was true

Britain has already imposed an arms embargo on Russia since it annexed Crimea in 2014.

“Britain is one of the toughest and most transparent export control regimes in the world,” the Department of International Trade said.

The regulations prohibit the export of British civilian and military technology to Russia. According to the Telegraph, there is no presumption that the British companies deliberately violated the permit.

However, experts say these elements could enter Russia via India. During his visit to India last month, Johnson promised to close “any hole” before Putin’s rule. With this method, they can achieve it over time, at least they hope that Russian military technology will not keep pace with the West.

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Experts at the British Military Brain Foundation, also known as the Royal United Services Institute, said in a statement that the Russians were getting components with diversionary tactics. For example, stromans are used as intermediaries, but they also seek to extort money, but they are set up as part of the space research organization Rosmosmos.

Says the report

Companies in the Czech Republic, Serbia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, India and China “take serious risks to meet Russian needs”.

So they say the British should restrict exports to third countries. However, on the day the report was released, the British government announced that it was easing arms export regulations for India.

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