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British government collapses: Two ministers stand up, no longer trust Boris Johnson

Health Minister Sajid Javid was the first to leave, saying he was “in good conscience” no longer serving in Johnson’s government. He was soon followed by Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, He is the second most powerful minister in the UK government after Johnson.

Recently, there have been many controversies, and Boris Johnson has been in the headlines mostly because of the scandal known as “Partygate”. The fact that the prime minister participated in several parties held during the coronavirus lockdowns, and breached strict restrictions, has caused great outrage. Johnson initially denied his participation, but it was later established that he was personally present at the events.

In his letter to the Prime Minister, Javid said:

I am instinctively a team player, but the British expect integrity from their government.”

He said the public no longer believed conservatives were “hard-line, values-driven decision-makers” or “qualified to act in the national interest”.

Sunak wrote in his letter that he had difficulty making this decision. According to the Minister of Finance The public has a legitimate expectation that governance is “appropriate, efficient and serious”..

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