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British Minister: There are hours to be vacated instead of weeks

The British Secretary of Defense said that there were “no more weeks, no more hours” for the UK to evacuate people from Afghanistan.

The minister said that when the last Americans leave, their troops will leave Kabul airport – that is what will happen on August 31.

“There are more than 6,000 people at Kabul airport in the United States, and when they leave, they take with them the structure that allowed us to leave, so we should go too. I do not think we should be after the Americans. It will take a day or two. We now have only hours, not weeks, to use every minute to evacuate people, “said British Defense. Secretary Ben Wallace.

At an extraordinary meeting of G7 leaders on Tuesday, the British Prime Minister will ask US President Joe Biden to extend the deadline to allow more British flights to take off.

In addition, behind the scenes, attempts will be made to resolve relations between the two countries after several British ministers criticized Washington’s decision without consultation.

“As the current president of the G7, the UK is chairing the meeting, but as always, the real power lies with the United States,” said Eurhews correspondent Tadhg Enright. “The news is about tensions between old allies, but London says it’s not critical of the US withdrawal.

Afghan translators who fled to Britain have called on the London government to urgently expel their family members from Afghanistan as the Taliban have been in immediate danger since coming to power.

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